Welcom to Sichuan Hengkang Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

SiChuan Hengkang

Sichuan Hengkang is a global pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization located in Sichuan, China, offering our worldwide partners efficient, flexible and high quality solutions for intermediates & advanced intermediates for APIs. Our main products focused on Protected amino acids, Piperidines, Pyrroles, Pyrimidines &some other heterocyclic compounds. Especially Chiral chemicals is staying at the top level in the same industry.

Our research and development center located in Chengdu Tianfu international bio-town with over 1500m2, suitable for synthetic and process chemistry research, Kilo-scale production. We are fully equipped with state of the art databases and analytical instruments to ensure research and product quality.

located in Chengdu of China, offers advanced drug intermediates and bulk fine chemicals for pharmaceutical development and manufacture. Chiral chemistry is our best advantage. Our products including protected amino acid, pyrrolidine derivatives, piperidine derivatives, nature products, drug intermediates and chiral intermediates.

➢Site: Suburb of Chengdu
➢Total area:10000M2
➢Personnel:50(QA/QC 6)
➢Fucilities &Equipment:60sets of 200L to 3000L reactors.
➢Annual sales:Fifty million RMB
For more information, please visit http://hengkangtech.com

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Sichuan Argal

Located in Chengdu Tianfu International Bio-town with over 1500m2.Our R&D team is formed with four doctors and ten masters specialized in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, synthesis chemistry and Chiral chemistry. Strong research ability enables us to synthetic and process chemistry research , grams to kilo-scale production. Well equipped with state of the art databases and advanced analytical apparatus, such as NMR, MS, HPLC, etc. to ensure research and product quality. Our management has the extensive expertise and excellent track record in synthetic chemistry, process R&D, project management. With a full mix of professional in chemistry research, QA/QC, and trade business, we are confident in our ability to satisfy dependable and sustainable sourcing demands,.

Our R&D center have a kilo lab suitable for scale up to 1-5 kgs. It helps us to confirm our process in larger scale, check reproducibility, and study the process further before pilot production.

Features of the kilo lab include:
- 1,100 square feet, 5 walk-in hoods;
- 20-50L Glass Reactors with heating and cooling sources;
- 20-30L Rotary evaporators;

➢Site: Chengdu bio-town
➢Total orea: 1500MP
➢Personnel : 18(phD/Mauster/Bachalar)
➢Instrument : GC/HPLC MSWMR LXRDIDSC\TGA (In Public analysis platform)
For more information, please visit http://www.argalbio.com/

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Sichuan Argalbio pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

June of 2021, we acquisitioned a land in Zone B of specialized park in Lanzhou, Registered as Sichuan Argalbio Pharmaceutical co.,LTD. It’s going to be well equipped and went into production at December of 2021. It will achieve an annual total output value of more than 60 million yuan.

Future development plan
Our under construction new production plant, which is expected to be put into production in December 2022.

Sichuan Yiweixin Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd plans to be completed and put into operation in June 2023, with a capacity five times that of the existing plant; There will be four multi-functional workshops and one GMP workshop.

The annual output of intermediates reaches 110 tons, realizing an annual economic output value of 200 ~ 300 million yuan.

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We obtained the routine registration certificate of new chemical substances and ISO Certificate

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